Socializing refers to business English used in social settings such as trade fairs, conferences and other business occasions where networking is important. Furthermore, small talk forms an integral part of establishing business relationships and serves as an ice breaker within and outside the office environment.

As a written form of communication, business correspondence forms an essential part of our consultation and includes the writing of reports, proposals and recommendations.

Our forums on emailing are based on the vocabulary and expressions used in typical business correspondence.

This module covers the different techniques and strategies required for successful communication.

Holding meetings is an important part of any business, and more often they are held in English. Having a solid background in English is essential for communicating with partners, colleagues and customers. As with any business skill, practice and preparation will ensure that your next meeting in English is successful.

Presenting in English is a pre-requisite for any business in the market today. Whether used to close a deal, persuade a customer or simply provide information, the ability to hold a presentation in English is vital. Through practical and theoretical examples we will appraise your language skills when addressing an audience.

Negotiating can be easier for some than for others and the techniques are different across companies and cultures. Strong preparation and practice are needed for getting your message across and closing your deal. Let us help you get there.

Through globalization human resources personnel should be proficient in the English language in order to be able to mediate between staff from different nationalities.
Recruitment, selection, employee relations as well as work contracts are only some of the aspects that require specific language skills in this area.

In this particular forum the emphasis is on IT terminology and language. Discussion of typical IT problems as well as possible solutions form an integral part of this material.